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The Livery Stable is the only place I would go to have my car serviced. Bruce is excellent at providing high quality service in a timely and cost effective manner.
Mike Latka, KS

Livery Stable's always been the best at diagnosing issues nobody else can figure out. Repairs are done right and always at a fair price. I have total confidence based on 100% satisfaction with every visit.  I often go to The Livery Stable when I have a problem the regular "oil change mechanics" (Firestone, Econolube) can't fix. They are THE BEST! I highly recommend Livery Stable.
Dave Stewart, KS

Livery Stable always gives me an estimate I can depend on. They have always been very honest on what service was needed and what wasn't needed. Several times, Bruce has told me that something I asked about was an unnecessary or wasted expense. I have always been very happy with their service and more importantly, their honesty.
Bob Yoder, KS

I have been doing business with Bruce and his crew for over ten years, and I am very satisfied. I have recomended them to my family and friends without hesitation.
Bob Lagerstorm, KS

The Livery Stable is the most efficient automotive repair facility I have experienced in 10+ years. The owner and technicians are friendly and well-trained. All are very friendly, and the pricing is very fair and economical. I would recommend this establishment to any who are in need of vehicle repairs. Great service, great effort, great place.
Darrin Ray, KS

We were VERY happy with the service at The Livery Stable. Barton took the time to walk us through everything, and while the car was in the shop they confirmed my suspicions (without a charge to look at them) that my CV boots were in fine condition even though another shop had been telling me that they've needed replaced for the past 7 years!
Cole Hoosier, KS

My family and I have been using The Livery Stable for over 10 years and are completely satisfied with their honesty and service. We continue to recommend the services offered by Bruce and Jeff to all our extended family members and business associates and most become Livery Stable advocates themselves. There is never any “Up Selling”, they just tell us what we need and what it will cost. By using a schedule of regular service appointments with preventative maintenance checks (oil changes, etc..), we get dependable, long life vehicles without surprises. If family members have a problem when I am traveling or unavailable, they know where to take their vehicles and we know without question that they will be treated honestly and fairly.
Brian Taylor, Heartland Airplanes, LLC

My husband and I have always been very impressed and pleased with the service we’ve received from the Livery Stable! It’s a good, honest shop and we know our vehicle will be fixed right the first time! If you’re in the need for a good car repair shop…..I highly recommend the Livery Stable!
Dawn Wollesen, Olathe, KS

I have used the Livery Stable exclusively for about ten years. The service is always friendly and fast. I have always paid the price quoted and they have never performed a service unnecessarily. They are trustworthy and dependable.
Kelly, Gardner, KS

Exceeded expectations. I do not recommend anyone unless I am absolutely sure they will not let me down. I recommend the Livery Stable without reservation. Need work done, do not chance it, see Bruce. Never once in over 7 years has Bruce ever done me wrong. Hard to say that about any business, but I can about the Livery Stable.
Phil, Olathe, KS

A pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend the Livery Stable to anyone! They do quality work with great customer service. They always stand behind their work, what more can you ask for in an auto repair shop. Truly honest folks that take pride in the product they turn out.
Brad, Overland Park, KS

I went to Tires Plus in Olathe to see about a front-end alignment problem where it looked like my camber was off, causing uneven wear on the curb-side part of the tread on my front tires. They put my car on the alignment machine, and came back later telling me they’d have to replace the lower ball joints in order to adjust the camber which their machine said was off by quite a bit. I also had them do a $25 end-to-end inspection of my vehicle, so they told me my brakes needed done, and that would involve new pads front and rear, and new discs for the rear too. In total, they wanted to do $1200 worth of repairs on my car. Since this is a large amount of money for me, I decided to take their service recommendations and shop around some other places in Olathe. I called Bret’s, Anderson Auto, and The Livery Stable Automotive. Money was obviously an issue for me and I wanted to know upfront from each place an approximate figure that they might charge for the work I might need done. The only one who wanted to even talk prices with me over the phone was Bruce at Livery Stable. In the end, I decided to take my car to Livery Stable for a few reasons. First of all, Bruce actually worked with me over the phone to help me get an idea of what to expect financially, which I respected, and he didn’t seem to want to charge me $50 just to look at my car before he would talk business. His hourly rate was a little less than Tires Plus, and, from their website and the other reviews attached to their Google Maps listing, they didn’t look like crooks. Boy am I glad I went there! Bruce put my car on his alignment machine, and discovered the camber was fine (what were Tires Plus thinking?). Caster was off, but was off evenly on both sides so it didn’t need adjusted. Toe was off, so he fixed that. He did my brakes, and discovered the front rotors were warped and needed replaced along with the rear rotors (and Tires Plus *only* wanted to replace the rear rotors?). He told me my tires were junk and I should replace them (it’s true, they were very worn), and then my car should ride like a dream. A couple of days after getting my brakes and alignment done (I was still thinking about where to go for tires), one of the front calipers started dragging on the rotor. I stopped by Livery Stable the same day and talked to Bruce. (Incidentally, while I was waiting for him to get off the phone, I heard him talking to a guy whose engine needed replaced. Bruce had already spent two days working on it and he wasn’t even going to charge the guy for all that labor. He quoted a very reasonable price for the engine replacement. I was impressed.) We set up an appointment to get my car in the next day, and I told him that I wanted him to do my tires as well (I like supporting local business instead of putting more money in Walmart’s bank account, plus Bruce said he’d fix flats and rotate my tires for free if I got my tires from him), and have him take a look at a leaky power steering hose. Not a problem. The next day, I had new tires, Bruce replaced the dragging caliper and didn’t charge me (that’s well over $150 right there!), and the power steering hose, which I thought might need replaced, was actually ok and they just replaced the clamp. Turns out Bruce was right: my car now rides like a dream! All in all, I spent a little bit more than $1200 at Livery Stable, but I got a heck of a lot more for my money (alignment fixed, new brake pads and rotors, new caliper, new tires, oil change, repaired a leaky power steering hose), and MUCH better and trustworthy service, than I would’ve gotten at Tires Plus. Given this experience, I’m never taking my car anywhere else. It’s such a relief to have found a trustworthy, honest, and quality repair shop for my vehicle (and any future vehicles that I may own). If you need work done on your car, go see Bruce at The Livery Stable. Seriously, you won’t regret it!
Wintrowski, Olathe, KS

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